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People Photographer

Karin is a passionate world and people photographer, a photography mentor, a nomad, and a happy mom. 

Since her graduation from Artez, School of the Arts in the Netherlands she’s been photographing people in an honest, pure and expressive style. She is specialized in humanitarian photography, reportage photography, travel photography, street photography, portrait photography and family documentaries. 

Karin has worked with (online) magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, and families and she volunteered as a photographer for several charity causes.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and she received several grants. She was the initiator and curator of a large pop-up gallery in the center of The Hague and was the president of the foundation behind the gallery.

A people photographer pur sang she is driven to capture the unicity, strength, and beauty of every human on the planet. 

💡Read More: Photography Is My Life 

Vision and Skill

Out of a strong desire to help aspiring photographers create compelling images of everything our astounding planet has to offer she shares her vision, skill, and experience at the Photography Playground Blog and through Online Travel Photography Courses. She believes it’s not the camera that creates a strong image but the creativity, vision, and skill of the person behind the camera.

Karin has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Photography from ArtEZ, University of the Arts in the Netherlands.

Hey You!

I'm Karin, a pro photographer with over 25 years of experience. I'm dedicated to teaching you how to become a better photographer using ANY camera. 

Because honestly.....? It's not about the camera. It's about you!

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Guestblogs by Karin

A guest blog on Indietraveller, an adventurous travel blog about how to prepare for your trip from a photographic point of view.

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A series on about pixels, file formats, resolution, importing and culling in Lightroom and printing.

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Journey of the Pixel | Part 2

Journey of the Pixel | Part 3

2 guest posts on a Dutch travel blog about photography apps and editing in Snapseed. In Dutch.

De Beste Fotograpfie Apps Voor Je Smartphone

Reisfoto’s Bewerken Met Snapseed: Zo Bereik Je Het WOW-Effect

Photography and text for several articles on a Dutch website about travel to Italy. In Dutch.

Su Gologone, aan de voet van de Monte Corassi.

Karin in the Media

Go Remote!

An interview for the book Go Remote! A careers guide for working remotely by Bea Uhlenberg and Jan C. Ollig. In German.

English version coming soon!

For more info:

An interview on about digital nomad jobs.

50 Digital Nomad Girls Share Their Online Jobs

A series of interviews on a Dutch website for female entrepreneurs about the start-up phase of a new business. In Dutch.

Watch Out World | Part 1

Watch Out World | Part 2

Watch Out World | Part 3

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