Travel Photography Playbook

10 Steps to Great Travel Pics Without Spending Another Dime on Gear!

  • Advice on the gear to bring (spoiler alert: you don't need to buy more).
  • Insights into the travel photographers mindset to help you make the best of your travels AND your pictures.
  • A deep-dive into the process of making your pics. No quick fixes, no short-cuts!

Photography Fulfills Me

In our monthly blog about Obsessions & Fascinations Philine Bernard shares her fascination for nature, traveling and the outdoors. When she grabs her camera she can just shoot for hours. Photographing never bores her and she can lose herself in the moment completely. This creates calmness for her and she gets in a different headspace altogether.

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Photography Is My Life

This month’s interview is especially beautiful for me since the person being interviewed is not only an amazing, unique photographer, she is also my number one example in life. The person sharing her story today with you is Karin van Mierlo, an artist, a teacher but above all, my mom. She always had the feeling that she didn’t choose photography, photography chose her. 

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Looking at the World in a Different Way

A lot of times, in a lot of situations, seeing the world in a different way is a consequence of taking pictures in a specific way. In Björn’s case, it’s the other way around. He always tries to look at the world in a different way and sees the details that most people don’t see. Approaching life already in this unique way is the reason why he’s interested and intrigued by taking pictures from different perspectives.   

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Photography is a Way of Awakening Your Senses

For Tine Søby photography is not platonic but more so a way to awaken all her senses. To get impressions, to feel inspired, to see new perspectives. One of the most inspiring things Tine told me is that she gives space for the intuitive which does not necessarily come with logic. It rather comes with this cringing feeling of something that is hard to put into words but awakens your soul.

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