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How to Make Your Awesome Adventures Last a Lifetime

Why would you go through the trouble of creating a travel photo album when you have all the files safely stowed away on your computer? Well, for one thing, computers crash and phones get stolen. When you do not have a watertight backup system and most people don’t, you might lose your precious memories.
But that’s not the most important reason……….

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The Insider Guide to the Most Important Photography Terms

The other day I found myself in an elevator in Lisbon. Knowing a few elevators in a city that’s built on 7 hills can be a life-saver sometimes. I was not alone in this elevator. I was surrounded by 5 friends engaging in a lively conversation in a language I could not make heads or tails off. I couldn’t even make out what language they were speaking, let alone understand a single word.

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Organizing Your Photos On the Go with Apple Photos and iCloud

Keeping your photos organized can be quite the task, but if you have an iPhone and a little bit of downtime, it’s easier than you think. All photos taken on your iPhone end up on the camera roll. You’ve probably seen that. The camera roll is basically just a running list of all photos and videos that are saved to your device.

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I'm Karin, a pro photographer bringing 25+ years of experience to your table. Dedicated to teaching you how to capture your wonderful world in expressive photography using ANY camera. Because honestly…..? It’s not about the camera. It's about your vision!