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The Insider Guide to the Most Important Photography Terms

The other day I found myself in an elevator in Lisbon. Knowing a few elevators in a city that’s built on 7 hills can be a life-saver sometimes. I was not alone in this elevator. I was surrounded by 5 friends engaging in a lively conversation in a language I could not make heads or tails off. I couldn’t even make out what language they were speaking, let alone understand a single word.

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Ultimate Photography Bundle 2018 | Is it Too Good to be True?

You know that feeling that something seems so amazing you immediately think; “What’s the catch? This is too good to be true!” Yeah, I know that feeling. Quite often it actually is too good to be true. You end up spending your hard earned dollars on something that doesn’t fulfill your expectations. Well, this isn’t one of those things! What I’m about to share with you is way better than good…..

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7 Reasons Why your Smartphone is The Most Remarkable Camera.

As a photographer, I welcomed the opportunities a smartphone camera gave me. I can still remember the first time vividly. It was more than ten years ago so it was a crappy camera of course. The images were pixelated and blurry.  For most of the time, I still photographed with my DSLR. But there was something different about the images I took with my phone.

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How to Photograph a Stunning Sunset in Seven Steps

One thing that never seems to tire anyone is a beautiful sunset. Whether you have traveled far and wide and seen the most spectacular things or not. Watching the sun go down in all its warm and vibrant colors leaves you with a feeling of peace and wonder. In awe of nature’s beauty. And you want to hold on to it as long as you can.

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How to Edit your Smartphone Photos and Get the Best Out of Them

Last year I made an amazing journey sailing from Colombia to Portugal on the Nomad Cruise. On the way, we made one stop on Saint Maarten Island in the Caribbean. The island itself is not the most interesting place but I did want to go to the beach where the planes fly over. I’m always trying to take photos of this kind of touristic hotspots a little bit different.

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9 Powerful Photography Apps for the Greatest Images

You have been using your smartphone camera to take pictures for quite some time now probably. If you have the desire to go beyond the regular smartphone snapshot it is time to invest in some smartphone photography apps! Because photography apps are essential tools for improving your smartphone photography. 

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