travel photography playbook

Ten Steps to Great Travel Pics Without Spending Another Dime on Gear.

  • Advice on the gear to bring (spoiler alert: you don’t need to buy more).
  • Insights into the travel photographers mindset to help you make the best of your travels AND your pictures.
  • A deep-dive into the process of making your pics. No quick fixes, no short-cuts!

fearless framework workshops

A series of free video workshops that will change the way you make photographs forever.

  • Get the essential ‘5 Elements in Photography’ blueprint, the clear pathway for great photographs in every situation.
  • Take your first steps away from Auto Mode and grow the confidence to stay out of it.
  • No more blurry photos! Discover the secrets to tack-sharp photos every single time.

free resource library

Start your photography adventure today.

  • Instant Access to the password protected area.
  • Resource library full of photography tutorials, cheat sheets, and guides.
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