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Are you considering submitting a guest post for Photography Playground?

I welcome guest bloggers in the field of photography who have a unique view and/or story to share.

I’m looking for bloggers or photographers who’d like to write about for instance creative photography, a specific photographic field, or a technique.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Before you send in your proposal please read the guidelines below.


Photography Playground is a website for beginning and intermediate photographers who are interested in learning the technical and the creative, expressive aspects of photography. The majority of my readers are women (67%) and men (33%) between the age of 25 and 65. 


  • You can submit a proposal if you’re an established expert in your field, a pro photographer, or a semi-professional photographer and you have valuable tips to share. 
  • Check these guest posts to give you an idea of the type of quality content I’m looking for:
  • Your post must be evergreen and be relevant all year round. 
  • My audience responds well to actionable, how-to tutorials that explain a photographic topic in plain language. 
  • The emphasis on the website is to teach people to photograph their world as it FEELS like ~ not as it looks like. Making a connection between the technical and the emotional aspects of photography is always encouraged. So make sure your post is written with that in mind. 
  • I’m not looking for super technical content or gear reviews. 



  • Your post is well written, in English, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. 
  • It is well researched and optimized for SEO, contains headings and subheadings, and an introduction. 
  • The post is between 600 and 2000 words. If you want to submit a long post it might be more suitable for a series. Just let me know if you want to write a series.
  • Your post is written in your own voice, with personality and uniqueness.
  • I reserve the right to adjust your text when I believe it to be necessary.
  • The photos you include are of high quality and preferably your own. The photos should be a total inspiration for the reader and show them what to aspire for. You can include 6 photos in your post.
  • If you do not own the copyright to the images you need to provide a release form as I do not want to publish anything without the explicit consent of the maker of the image.
  • When you submit a guest post you confirm that it is your own original text which has not been published before. Your blog post cannot infringe on any copyrights. 
  • You can repurpose content but you cannot submit something that is a word-for-word copy of something that has already been published. By you or anybody else.
  • Once the post has been published on you cannot publish it elsewhere. This does not apply to your images.
  • You are expected to share the post with your social media following and/or share a link to the post from your website.

Author Bio

  • A photo of you and a short bio of approx. 50 words will be placed in the header of the post. 
  • At the bottom of the post will be an author bio that includes links to your website/blog and social media channels. 
  • I use for the author’s bio photo. If you don’t have an account with a photo uploaded please do that before you submit the post.


  • Send an email to karin[at] with your proposal. 
  • Include Guest Blog [Your Name] in the subject line.
  • Tell me your name, email address, and relevant links to your website, blog,  and/or social media channels.
  • Share your area of expertise and why you think you’re a good fit for the readers of Photography Playground.
  • 3-5 Sample titles you think are of interest to my readers. 
  • Please, confirm in your email that you’ve read and agree to the guest posting guidelines.


I look forward to hearing from you!