Mindful Photography Playbook

Are you ready to tap into the mindful nature of photography?

Download the free Mindful Photography Playbook to leverage the superpower of photography! Create a shift in your perspective and get inspired to see the beauty every day brings.


Mindful Photography Playbook

Take a Little Peek Inside!

Discover the essential mindful photography tips to set you up for success.

Open your eyes to the simple beauty in your everyday surroundings.

Get inspired to pick up your camera with mindful photography projects.

Hi, I’m Karin

One of the many things I love about photography is how it wants you to be fully present in the moment.

This mindful nature of photography is its superpower, and I’d love for you to tap into it.

Shift your perspective and be reminded of the beauty that each day brings. Open your eyes to the grace and uniqueness in everything you encounter.

Download the Mindful Photography Playbook. Give yourself the gift of seeing the world differently and reclaim your zest for life.


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