September Photo Challenge ~ Get Close

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photo challenge get close

Photo Challenge Get Close

The theme for the September photo challenge is Get Close!

Being able to get super close to your subject is one of the many amazing things photography can do. It allows you to show the wonderful details life is made of. And in doing so, you create an entirely new world, sometimes beyond recognition.

So, this is your challenge for September. Dive deep into the details of your life and share with us what it’s made of!

Photography Playground’s photo challenge is all about enticing you to pick up your camera and share the beauty you’re creating.

The Photo Challenge Rules

  • Stick to the theme. For September the theme is Get Close.
  • You can send in your photos for this challenge until September 30, 2022.
  • Karin van Mierlo will choose up to six of her favorite images as winners.
  • The winning photos will be published on the Photography Playground website and social media channels.
  • You can submit a maximum of four photos per challenge.
  • Include a title, the month of the challenge, and your full name when you name your files. (ex: sunset_august_your-name)
  • Please, share your Instagram account if you have one, so I can credit you when I share the winners on Instagram.
  • You can submit your photos by sending an email to and/or by sharing them in the Photography Playground Facebook Group in the designated thread.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and Get Close!

Follow your creative impulses, open your senses, and tap into your curiosity!

Above all, be mindful and surrender yourself to the moment.

Wanna know how to sign your summer photos with a watermark so everybody knows it’s yours? You’ll find the ultimate step-by-step guide in How To Watermark Your Photos!

Did you submit your photos for the challenge? Share them on Instagram and tag @photography-playground!

Submit your photos by sending an email to or share them in the Photography Playground Facebook Group and your photo might end up in the white space below!

Looking forward to super detailed photos flooding my inbox 😃

Happy Photographing❣️

the winners of the september photo challenge are:

It was a joy to see all your beautiful close-ups, thank you 🙂

All photos were stunning, and once again it was a challenge to select the best ones.

So here they are:

  • Carsten Sjøholm
  • Christine Long
  • Allan Thorne
  • Margaret Horner
  • Kevin Mullane
  • Lisa Wamsley

Photo: Carsten Sjøholm

Photo: Christine Long

Photo: Allan Thorne

Photo: Margaret Horner

Photo: Kevin Mullane

Photo: Lisa Wamsley

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