December Photo Challenge ~ Gratitude

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photo challenge gratitude

Photo Challenge Gratitude

The theme for the December photo challenge is Gratitude!

December is a time for celebration but also for looking back and reflecting on the year that lies behind you. What are the things, people, and experiences you’re grateful for? Because there’s no better way to celebrate and reflect than to become aware of the beauty that accompanied you on your path through 2022.

One of the many things I’m grateful for is nature and the ability to capture the experience of nature with my camera.

To narrow it down, share the 2022 photos you’re most proud of, aka you’re most grateful for 🙂 Show us your love and appreciation for the past year in our December Photo Challenge!

Photography Playground’s photo challenge is all about enticing you to pick up your camera and share the beauty you’re creating.

The Photo Challenge Rules

  • Stick to the theme. For December the theme is Gratitude.
  • You can send in your photos for this challenge until December 31, 2022.
  • Karin van Mierlo will choose up to six of her favorite images as winners.
  • The winning photos will be published on the Photography Playground website and social media channels.
  • You can submit a maximum of four photos per challenge.
  • Include a title, the month of the challenge, and your full name when you name your files. (ex: sunset_august_your-name)
  • You can submit your photos by emailing and/or sharing them in the Photography Playground Facebook Group in the designated thread.
  • If you’re posting outside of the thread, please, mention the challenge. Photos without a proper description will not be considered for the challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and share your gratitude.

Follow your creative impulses, open your senses, and tap into your curiosity!

Above all, be mindful and surrender yourself to the moment.

Wanna know how to sign your photos with a watermark so everybody knows it’s yours? You’ll find the ultimate step-by-step guide in How To Watermark Your Photos!

Did you submit your photos for the challenge? Share them on Instagram and tag @photography-playground!

Please submit your photos by email to and/or share them in the Photography Playground Facebook Group; your photo might end up in the white space below!

Looking forward to your celebration of life pics flooding my inbox 😃

Happy Photographing❣️

the winners of the december photo challenge are:

So, to my surprise, only a few people submitted images for the December challenge. Not sure if it was the theme or if everyone was too busy with the festivities of December. Nevertheless, four people dove into the spirit of gratitude and these are their best photos. 🙏🙏🙏

Congratulations to the winners!
  • Christine Long
  • Lisa Wamsley
  • Bill Kober
  • Heather Sheldrick

Photo: Christine Long

“My lovely pony waiting at the gate to come in. Nature in all her glory provides so many photographic opportunities and I am so grateful to her.” – Christine

Photo: Lisa Wamsley

“Grateful for the smallest bits of beauty. I didn’t even see the insect shadows when I took the picture. I was focused on the way the light was shining through.” – Lisa

Photo: Bill Kober

“I took this photo while volunteering for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This particular Harley Davidson was raffled off. The raffle made $61K for the foundation. I’m grateful that the money will be used for the education costs of children who lost a parent while either assigned to a special operations unit or a child of a Medal Of Honor recipient.” – Bill

Photo: Heather Sheldrick

“Grateful for our grandson who is a wonderful young lad. He was grateful for the ice cream sundae and that we let him play a game on his phone instead of having to talk to two boring old fogies 😂 – Heather

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