Photography Demystified

Learn the Art of Expressive Photography

Today is the day you start to pour your heart and soul into your photography and begin to make the photos only YOU can make.

Images entirely created by you instead of the lucky shots your camera occasionally produces. 

It’s the day you decide if Photography Demystified, Learn the art of Expressive Photography is the way to move forward for you. 

What if you could look into the future a year, 5 or even 10 years from now? Are you best friends with your camera? Is it your trusted ally in capturing the meaningful, valuable, and personal moments of your life? Are your photos telling the unique story of your blog, brand, or business? 

And how many awe-inspiring photos do you have stored on your hard drive, mounted on your wall, or sprinkled over your website?

Do you have a way to move forward to make that a reality, or do you not even allow yourself to dream that big? 


Because you fear you have a mental block around the technique and your camera will remain a mystery to you. 

Or maybe you’re convinced you’re lacking the creativity and the confidence to go beyond quick snaps and lucky shots. 

Or perhaps you think heck I don’t even have time to go out and shoot let alone invest in learning how to do it properly. 

It’s Not That You Didn’t Try.

You’ve read a blog or two, watched a couple of youtube videos, and asked a friend to explain the exposure triangle.

And it helped, a little. 

When you focus your efforts on improving your photography skills by yourself you can see it’s slowly getting better.

But you also feel a little disheartened because your learning curve stays kind of flat.

It feels like every time you pick up your camera you need to start from scratch. 

Your Shutttersister

When you focus that same effort, time, and attention with a successful photography mentor by your side your learning curve will end up between the stars.

And so will your pictures. 

I’d love to be that mentor for you.

Allow me to become your devoted shutter sister guiding you, and cheering you on in making the photos you know you have inside you. 

Let me help you to take the guesswork out of how to photograph with confidence, intent, and meaning. 

bio and press Karin van Mierlo
smartphone photography course, mobile photography course, camera app download, procamera, camera fv-5 | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground, Photo: iPhone, Carrousel, Brooklyn, New York
smartphone photography course, mobile photography course, camera app download, procamera, camera fv-5 | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground, Photo: iPhone, Carrousel, Brooklyn, New York


Hey Shutter Sister!

Are You Ready To Fall In Love With Your Photos?

Hi, I’m Karin, a passionate photographer, devoted educator, and free-spirited human.

I was born with an insatiable curiosity for the lives of people outside my familiar circle and cultures foreign to me. This led to a love for travel and ultimately to a move to Lisbon where I’ve lived for the past couple of years.

I’ve done a lot of different things in photography but I’m at my best when I’m photographing the unscripted life as it unfolds in front of my lens in all its beauty and chaos.

Since I graduated from the art university in the Netherlands I’ve worked with magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, and families.

I’ve made day-in-the-life stories, wedding photography, birth photography, portraits, travel photography, and documentary photography for them. I also volunteered as a photographer for several charity causes.

I’d love to be your shutter sister in your photography journey wherever you are right now or where you see yourself in the future.

“I am very grateful to have found Karin and to have made the decision to undertake her mentoring classes. She developed a program tailored specifically for me according to the skills that I needed to develop and also the direction that I want to take my photography. She has helped me to find my ‘why’, which makes my approach to taking photos so much more intentional. Her 5 domain framework is a fantastic tool for guiding your photography. Karin has many years of experience in the field of photography and she generously shared her knowledge and skills. Thank you Karin for your presence, generosity, and patience. I am excited to see where this photographic journey takes me!”

Melissa Rawlinson

“The lessons Karin gave to me were very pleasant. She taught me how the camera works and showed me there isn’t just one right way of using it. She has a lot of beautiful examples to inspire you. She has a playful approach and a warm personality. And you learn how to put your own perspective into the image. I would recommend her as a teacher to everyone that’s willing to really know what photos are about.”

Fleur Driessen

“Photography mentoring with Karin was one of the best investments I have made in both myself and my photography. Her unique approach produced almost immediate results. The ability to have focused instruction and feedback was fantastic and the improvement in my photography has been noted by family and friends alike. I would highly recommend Karin as a warm, talented, and effective instructor.”

Christine Philips

“I felt it was creative and with possibilities to discover different ways of photographing. It concentrated on something very important that sometimes other photography teachers forget to mention and talk about which is actually the most important part of doing photography – our body. Being aware of our positions, using our body parts, and placing ourselves in the weirdest positions ever. It frees a photographer’s body which means it will free your way of making photographs as well! It was a simple exercise but very powerful! I personally never had a teacher talking about it the way you did.”

Linora Cloter

Photography Demystified

Discover Your Personal Photographic Style


I believe the world needs you as an expressive, open-hearted photographer and it is my mission to help you get there.

That’s why I created Photography Demystified, Learn the Art of Expressive Photography.


With my help, you find your own personal photography style and become confident in shooting in manual mode.

You gain full control of your camera so you’re free to focus on putting your personality in your images.


All lessons in the Photography Demystified course are easy to follow and designed to provide you with the skills, creativity, and confidence to beautifully document your life. 

It also provides you with the tools to create strong personal images for your blog, brand, or business. 

smartphone photography course, mobile photography course, camera app download, procamera, camera fv-5 | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground, Photo: iPhone, Metro Station New York
ansel adams quote, photography quote, Copyright Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground. Photo: Florence, Italy

Before Photography Demystified

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

After Photography Demystified

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

Photography Demystified

Learn the Art of Expressive Photography Program

get clarity

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

You receive weekly video lessons that give you clarity on the elements in photography that actually matter and make a difference so you can forget about the fluff that muddies the waters.

strong composition

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

You gain an understanding of how to make the kind of photos that draw the viewer in through strong composition and storytelling elements. 

magical light

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

You discover how to make the light work for your photos and give them that magical ‘touched by the light’ look.

get connected

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

You explore how to connect to your subjects, how to photograph with meaning and intent, and how to powerfully express your personal vision.

behind the scenes

photography terms
You get ‘behind the scenes’ of how a pro thinks and shoots so you can put that to practice in your own photography workflow. 

final touch

You learn how to edit your photos in Lightroom to bring out the best in them, give them a loving final touch, and find your unique and cohesive editing style. 


Photo: Giulia Laudani, Photography Playground Student

You also get weekly photo assignments to work on the things you learned, put theory into practice, and gain creative confidence.


photography terms

Photo: Giulia Laudani, Photography Playground Student

A weekly series of questions and tasks to open yourself up to your creativity, reflect on your photos, and find your passion spot in photography.

and more

Photo: Giulia Laudani, Photography Playground Student

Lots of worksheets, cheat sheets, and quizzes.

Lifetime access and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Christine Philips, one of my students was kind enough to take the time to share her journey in learning photography with you. The process of going from a complete beginner to a skilled, creative, and confident shooter. I love her self-portraits and I’m especially blown away by the ones she made during her 2-week quarantine in Australia.

The recording is not the best quality. She was in Australia and I was in Portugal. But it’s definitely worth your time to hear her talk about the process of learning photography. Seeing the tremendous progress she made in just a few months is truly inspiring to anyone who wants to learn photography.

Photography Demystified

You Will Absolutely Love It If:

Documenting Daily Life

You get your photo buzz from finding beauty in your everyday surroundings and find it to be a meaningful and important practice.

You just wish you had the skills to photograph your daily life with confidence and intent. 

Capturing Street Life

You love to capture the mood of city life with its constant movement, action, and interesting characters.

What you need the most right now are the photographic skills to capture it with meaning and creativity. 

Celebrating Nature’s Beauty

natural light photography, available light photography, photography with natural light, photography natural light, outdoor natural light photography tips, natural light photos | Photo: Amalfi Coast, Italy | Copyright Karin van Mierlo | Photography Playground

Your photography heaven is out in nature where you’re surrounded by raw beauty, peace and quiet and the ever-changing mood of the light. 

The only thing lacking is the confidence, knowledge, and skills to take your photos to the awesome level.

Creating Brand Visuals

You’d love to photograph more for your blog, brand, or business and you want to step away from the generic stock photos you see all over.

You can’t wait to learn how to create the personal, creative, and consistent visuals your brand deserves.

Photography Demystified

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program self-paced?

Nope, learning together is way more fun and effective. We’re all going to start the same day and we’ll be going through the program together.

When will the group coaching sessions be held?

During our first coaching session, we’ll set a schedule for the rest of the coaching calls so you can plan ahead. 

How is the course delivered?

The videos and additional resources are delivered on a dedicated course website called[dot]com.

The group coaching sessions will be held on Zoom and the community is on Facebook.

Isn't all this information available for free on the internet?

There’s a lot of free information out there and that’s a wonderful thing. But searching for the information you think you need and relying on the bits and pieces the free information gives you is not gonna turn you into a photography superstar.

In Photography Demystified, you are given all the pieces of the photography puzzle in the order you need to learn them. You will also learn how to put all those pieces together because in photography everything is connected.

One of the biggest advantages of enrolling in Photography Demystified is that you have a  support system. That’s why we have the group coaching sessions and the small community of like-minded photography lovers.

Last but not least, the course and all its materials will always be there for you when you need to freshen up your memory.

I’m a total beginner. Is it useful for me to enroll in the program?

Yes honestly, there’s an upside to being a beginner. You don’t have to unlearn anything or lose bad habits. 

The course will take you from a total novice to a confident and creative shooter.

The framework I developed for learning photography is very clear and easy to understand. It solves the biggest issues quickly so you can get past the hard part and get the result you’re after. 

What genre in photography is the course focused on?

It doesn’t matter what genre in photography you’re attracted to. 

Photography Demystified: Learn the art of Expressive Photography is based on timeless photography principles that work in every photo. It will give you the tools you need to make awe-inspiring photos in every situation. 

Things are a bit tight right now. Do you offer a payment plan?

I feel you. We live in challenging times and I want to make it accessible to you if you believe Photography Demystified is the way to move forward for you.

If you can’t pay in full right now you can spread out your payments over 2 months.

When does enrollment close?

Enrollment for Photography Demystified: Learn the Art of Expressive Photography closes on Sunday, August 16 at midnight WEST. 

When does the course start?

We’ll have an online group coaching session before the official program kicks off. We’ll determine when that is after enrollment closes on Sunday, August 16 to allow everybody to attend this vital first coaching session. 

The first module will be released in week 35.

How many people can join the course?

I’m keeping the course to a limited number of eager people so I’m able to give you the guidance and attention you deserve.

It’s on a first come first serve basis so if you’re ready to feed your soul and step into your inner photographer you need to sign up as soon as possible.

What equipment do I need for the course?

You’ll need a DSLR or a Mirrorless camera. It definitely doesn’t have to be a fancy camera or the latest model. As long as it allows you to shoot in manual mode and change lenses you’re good to go. 

You will also need a Zoom account but that’s super easy to sign up for and free. 

Do I need a Lightroom subscription?

No, not necessarily. There are free editing programs available online. Also, most cameras have their own editing software.

But to be honest, nothing compares to Lightroom in ease of use and end results. You can always start with the free trial month and then decide if you think it’s worth the investment of appr. 12 euros per month.

Think of it this way. Years ago, before digital, a roll of film of 36 images including developing and printing would easily set you back double that amount. 

I already know a thing or two about photography. Is this course going to bring me to the next level?

Yes, this program will work for you if you’ve tried to figure it out for yourself and you feel a little discouraged by your progress. 

Knowing something and actually applying it while you’re photographing are two very different things.

Photography Demystified is built around providing you with the knowledge but more importantly the skills, creativity, and confidence to put that into practice with a camera in your hand.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes, your payment information is fully protected and secure.

If you prefer you can also pay with your Paypal Account.

When you click the enroll button you’ll be taken to a secure page where you enter your contact details and payment information.

Once the payment is approved you’ll go straight to the course where I’ll be waiting for you with a short introductory video to welcome you.

How long do I have access to the program?

You’ll have lifetime access to the program including the coaching call recordings, and future updates.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with the course, just send an email to karin[at] within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you a full refund.

Before Photography Demystified

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

After Photography Demystified

Photo: Christine Philips, Photography Playground Student

Photography Demystified

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