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Free 5-Day Photography Challenge

Celebrate Your Life with a Mindful Photography Experience!

  • Join us for five days of photography fun and open your eyes to the beauty in the world.
  • Become aware of the wonders surrounding you and gain a new perspective on your everyday life.
  • It starts on May 18, it lasts 5 days, it’s totally FREE, and you can join today!


Hi, I’m Karin!

Your Photography Mentor

In a world that’s very focused on quick snaps, tricks, and gimmicks and the chase for likes, I am a voice of intentional, mindful, and slow photography. Because I truly believe it’s not about the camera but about the person behind the camera.

That’s why I’m an advocate for slow photography and I wanna help you to explore what mindful photography can do for you by opening the door to your inner, slow photographer.

“Thank you, Karin, for this 5-day challenge. It’s a shame it has come to an end so fast. I’ve loved being pushed out of my comfort zone, seeing all the great photos from everyone, and getting ideas for future photos.”

– Simone

“Your approach to photography inspires me and is wonderful to experience. In contrast to all those websites and books about technology and gear, your approach opens a completely different door for me. Instead of reasoning, it triggers my imagination.”

– Roeland

“Thank you very much for this challenge, it was really inspiring and fun to see how creative all of you are.”

– Renate

“I appreciate how you express your photography philosophy and your love of your craft, how you incorporate it into your daily life. Your approach is inspiring and appreciated.”

– Michael

“This challenge was awesome! Thank you!”

– Christy

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