Fabulous Phone Photography

Essential Smartphone Photography Course for Beginners

learn how to make fantastic photos with the only camera that fits in your back pocket!

  • Are you frustrated by phone pictures that turn out crummy even though you think you did everything right?
  • Do you find it difficult to take really good pictures with your smartphone?
  • Are you settling for quick snapshots because you don’t know what to do to make them better?

Imagine! Just a few weeks from today your camera roll is full of smartphone photos that make you happy and proud.

  • Are you about to give up on phone photography because the pics you take never live up to your expectations?
  • Do you think in the back of your mind there’s so much more possible if I only knew how to make the best of my smartphone camera?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the technical tricks, and gimmicks out there when you’re trying to improve your phone photography skills?

enroll now and give yourself the gift of knowing how to turn life’s fleeting moments into captivating images.

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See Fresh: Finding Your Photo Mojo | Photo ©Karin van Mierlo | Photography Playground | Feet on the sidewalk in Lisbon, Portugal

© Karin van Mierlo, all photos are taken with an iPhone 6S or iPhone XS.


Hey Shutter Sister!

Are You Ready For Fabulous Phone Photos?

Hi, I’m Karin, a passionate photographer, devoted educator, and free-spirited human.

I was born with an insatiable curiosity for the lives of people outside my familiar circle and cultures foreign to me. This led to a love for travel and ultimately to a move to Lisbon where I’ve lived for the past couple of years.

I deeply believe that it’s not the camera that creates beautiful photos but the person behind the camera.

Knowing how to do amazing things with the gear you have is what’s gonna set you apart!

What you need to never miss a memorable photo op again is the best smartphone photography training in the world.

That’s why I’m passionate about opening up the world of mobile photography for you!

I promise you this course is full of aha-moments where you can actually hear yourself thinking: ‘Aha, that’s how I fix that issue’ or ‘Aha, that’s why my phone pics always turn out crummy.’

fabulous phone photography

The Essential Mobile Photography Program

get clarity

Fabulous Phone Photography goes beyond tricks and gimmicks and gives you clarity on the problems most beginning smartphone photographers experience to offer solutions for each and every one of them.

take control

It uncovers specific techniques and processes used by pro photographers so you have the foundation to create interesting smartphone photos in almost any situation. You learn how to photograph with a camera app to give you control over your camera.

work the light

You discover how to recognize ‘good’ light, what to do if there’s no ‘good’ light, and how to work with the light. By the end of the course, you know how to give your phone photos that magical ‘touched by the light’ look.

strong composition

photography terms

You gain an understanding of how to make smartphone photos with a strong composition. You learn composition tools that work especially well in smartphone photography.

get inspired

Every module has an inspirational video focused on subjects that are specifically suited to photograph with a smartphone. You’ll get inspired to shoot travel pics, landscapes, close-ups, and more.

and practice

You get regular photo assignments to work on the things you learned, put theory into practice, and gain creative confidence. Because any form of photography is best learned by doing! 


“I was so new to phone photography that the whole course was an Aha moment! It taught me to understand the advantages and limitations of phone photography. This was the first real course I’ve taken –I only just “graduated” (at 76!) to a smartphone. I’m so happy that this was the first course I took because Karin’s style is so very clear and encouraging. The presentation of each module was really clear, so none was overly difficult. In addition to the course itself, the prompts were a great way to “get out and do it!”



“This was one of the best courses I have taken. My biggest take away was how simple it is to take pictures with your phone when you know the basics learned in this course. When you’re still on the fence……jump over it, you will not regret it.”



“I really liked the camera app suggested and the ability to easily set the shutter speed and iso. It was super helpful to run through the app setup and manual exposure.”



“Your course is really good and a lot of fun!”



“You have exceeded my expectations, thank you. I feel way more confident and ready to experiment with my smartphone now, this was very, very long overdue. 

Too many aha-moments to mention, although just getting to see what the capabilities of the smartphone are was an aha moment for sure. The other was the reality that the smartphone only has a large DOF, finally, the other wow moment was seeing how Snapseed works. Just to say thank you, you certainly exceeded my expectations.

Bravo on a job well done, I feel inspired and ready to go out and photograph everything I have ignored for such a long time.”



“I learned a lot with this course and increased my confidence in taking pictures with my phone. My biggest aha-moments were that depth of field was “fixed” and there are apps available to give you more control with the camera on my phone. Great course! Thank you.”



“I wanted to thank you for the excellent smartphone photography course. It was more than helpful, I felt, it quickly helped me to look closer at the technicalities and technology involved. I liked your examples, and I loved the sense of passion for your chosen job, which was tangible through your spoken comments, choices, and text. All modules were good, well-paced, short yet sufficient, and enlightening.”


Fabulous Phone Photography

You Will Totally Love It If You Want To:

Document Daily Life

You want to be able to capture genuine phone photos of your kids, grandkids, family, and friends and create meaningful, beautiful, and tangible memories of life as it unfolds in front of your lens.

Capture Your Travels

Whether you own a DSLR or not investing in your smartphone photography skills is time well spent. Because there will always be moments when all you have is your smartphone camera.

Create Brand Visuals

You’re not ready to invest in a DSLR camera and are tired of boring stock photos. You want the tools and skills to make great pics with your smartphone camera for your travel or lifestyle blog and social media.

Fabulous Phone Photography

Here’s What’s Included!

Video Lessons

Around 160 minutes of in-depth video lessons where you’ll go from your first baby steps as a serious smartphone photographer to rocking it like a pro. They’re full of examples, loads of smartphone photography wisdom, and step-by-step tutorials.


The photo assignments are designed to practice what you’ve just learned. Also very important they’ll fit right in your daily life so there’s nothing holding you back to take your smartphone camera out and start shooting like a pro.


The course is packed with Cheat Sheets with the key takeaways plus full transcripts of every lesson. To retain the information you can test your progress in lesson tests and level tests. And the editing course provides you with step-by-step instruction sheets and practice files.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Enrolling is basically risk-free. If you don’t like the course just send me an email within 7 days and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings, but I will miss you!

Fabulous Phone Photography

BONUS COURSE: Fabulous Phone Editing

because every phone photo deserves tender loving aftercare!

  • This editing course gives you detailed information and instructions on editing in VSCO and Snapseed. Both editing apps are free and can be used by iPhone and Android shooters.
  • Discover how to take your smartphone photos from the ‘okayish’ to the fabulous level.
  • Get insights into what you need to edit in an image to make it a lot better.

fabulous phone editing is completely free when you enroll in Fabulous Phone Photography!

  • Find out how to make and use presets to cut your editing time so you can spend more time taking photos.
  • Learn how to make your photos come to life by cropping, straightening, adjusting the brightness, contrast and so much more.
  • Fabulous Phone Editing is a stand-alone course and is packed with videos, step-by-step instruction sheets, and practice files.


smartphone editing course, mobile editing course, VSCO before and after | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground | Photo: New York, USA.
smartphone editing course, mobile editing course, snapseed before and after | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground | Photo: Carcavelos, Portugal
smartphone editing course, mobile editing course, snapseed before and after | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground | Photo: Carcavelos, Portugal


smartphone editing course, mobile editing course, VSCO before and after | ©Karin van Mierlo, Photography Playground | Photo: New York, USA.

Fabulous Phone Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of smartphone do I need for the course?

Any kind of smartphone will do as long as it has a camera.

Fabulous Phone Photography is one of the few smartphone photography courses out there that’s suited for both iPhone and Android shooters!

The editing apps we’re covering in the Bonus Course can be downloaded to an iPhone and an Android phone from the App Store or Google Play.

Do I need to buy extra gear?

No, you don’t have to for this course. All you need is your smartphone and your eyes! You just need to invest a few euros for the camera app that’s going to transform your ‘point and shoot’ phone camera into a manual controllable camera.

The editing apps we’re covering in the Bonus Course are both free apps and can be downloaded to an iPhone and an Android phone.

Is it worth investing in a mobile photography course?

Honestly, there is no better camera than the one you have with you all……the…….time! Investing in the training you need to get better photos out of that little thingie is money very well spent. Besides, a smartphone camera is a perfect tool to practice a lot. It is a wonderful stepping stone to a DSLR camera.

And if you prefer photographing with a ‘serious’ camera like a DSLR and you’re frustrated by the lack of possibilities to control your smartphone camera this course is gonna be a real eye-opener for you.

You’ll find out that it’s possible to control a smartphone camera when you shoot with a camera app.

When you learn the language of smartphone photography your smartphone camera will become an essential and valuable addition to your DSLR for the many moments the DSLR is not with you.

Is the course self-paced?

Yes, when you enroll in the course now you can start improving your smartphone pictures today! You’ll get immediate access to fabulous Phone Photography and Fabulous Phone Editing. You can take it slow or you can binge-watch the entire thing.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes, your payment information is fully protected and secure. If you prefer you can also pay with your Paypal Account.

When you click the enroll button below you’ll be taken to a secure page where you enter your email address and payment information.

Once the payment is approved you’ll go straight to the course where you can make a start with improving your phone photography skills.

I don't have euros. Can I pay in my own currency?

Yes, you certainly can!

Your payment processor (Paypal or credit card) will magically convert euros to your own currency whether that’s US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, or any other currency. 

That’s the beauty of modern technology. It allows people from all over the globe to join Fabulous Phone Photography and become amazing smartphone photographers.

Not sure how to convert euros to your own currency? Here’s a simple currency converter for you 😃

Will I be able to understand the technical stuff?

I get it. You’re not a very technical person and you’re afraid you just won’t get the technical stuff down. One of my superpowers is to explain the technical side of photography in a way that’s very clear for everybody. 

In the course, each level builds on the previous one. We’ll start at the very base of photography and work our way up from there so you’ll never feel overwhelmed. 

I’m convinced that learning all the steps in the right order will turn you into a confident and creative phone photographer.

And finally, if something is not clear to you there are several ways to connect with me to help you along the way!

How much time does it take to take the course?

The videos are between 3 and 8 minutes long and the photo assignments can be easily fitted into your daily life.

But I’m sure you understand that it also takes practice to develop the necessary skills.

To get results you will have to spend some time per lesson on learning and practicing. How much time you are willing and/or able to put in is entirely up to you.

Isn't all this information available for free on the internet?

There’s a lot of free information out there and that’s a wonderful thing. But searching for the information you think you need and relying on the bits and pieces the free information gives you is not gonna turn you into a smartphone photography superstar.

In a course, you are given all the pieces of the photography puzzle in the order you need to learn them. You will also learn how to put all those pieces together because in photography everything is connected.

One of the biggest advantages of taking an online course is that you have a  support system. I’m just a message away.

Last but not least, the course and all its materials will always be there for you when you need to freshen up your memory.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll in Fabulous Phone Photography you have lifetime access to the course. A big plus of online courses is that it’s easy to stay up-to-date. All updates are included!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! That’s why you have 7 days to figure out if this is the right course for you.

If the course is not what you need right now, just send an email to karin@photography-playground.com within 7 days of your purchase.  And I will give you a full refund.