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Befriend your camera and capture your world as it feels like with expressive photography projects for beginning photographers.

  • Finally, stop shooting in Auto Mode and discover the 5 essential steps to shooting in Program Mode.
  • Learn quicker with a project-based approach and have fun while you become best friends with your camera.
  • Practice your skills and expand your creativity with 5 thought-provoking & expressive photography projects.
Photography Masterclass

Karin van Mierlo

Photographer, Educator & Founder of Photography Playground.

Hi, I’m Karin!

I believe the world needs more authentic and open-hearted photographers.

Photographers who bring their whole self to the table and want to capture life as it unfolds in all its beauty and chaos.

That’s why I wrote this free eBook for you.

You will finally step away from Auto Mode and take your first essential steps towards shooting in Manual Mode. But photography isn’t learned by reading a book.

That’s why the second part of the Starter Photography Playbook encourages you to practice your newly found skills with 5 thought-provoking Photography Projects. But that’s not all………..these awesome Photography Projects will build your creative trust at the same time.

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