Travel Photography Playbook

Do you think better travel photos are the result of your investment in a better camera? Sorry to disappoint you! You’re better off investing in your skills and your creativity.

Download the FREE ebook today and discover my 10 travel photography mantras so you can become a curious travel photographer.


Travel Photography Playbook

Take a Little Peek Inside!

Stop breaking your back carrying too much gear and discover how limiting yourself can expand your creativity.

Learn about light and composition and how to use them to tell stories of the places and the people you encounter.

Become aware of the importance of your mindset when you’re turning your quick snaps into power pics.

Hi, I’m Karin

I know that when you’re traveling it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘more gear is better’.

I wrote this free eBook for you so you can avoid that pitfall.

I’ll share 10 travel photography mantras with you so you can become the intentional photographer you’d like to become. The good news is you don’t need to buy more gear to become a better photographer.

Because it’s not about the gear.

You’re about to discover that your most valuable and irreplaceable piece of equipment is your eyes, your attention, and your intention.


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