one-on-one photography mentoring

The Fast Track To Becoming An Outstanding Photographer And Make An Impact With Your PHOTOS!

What is a photography mentoring session?

A 1-on-1 Photography Mentoring session is especially for you. During our first free explore call we have talked about what you need and that is what you’re gonna get.

There’s no need to spend time on aspects of photography you already have a firm grip on. We will focus on the areas you and I think you need to develop more.

This can be everything from getting the basics of shooting in manual mode to telling a compelling story with your photographs.

Photography Mentoring Sessions take place via Skype or Zoom.

What type of photography?

It doesn’t really matter what genre in photography you’re attracted to. You can apply what you learn during our sessions to photograph in nature, shoot the streets, capture your travels, or document your life. The awesome thing about one-on-one sessions is, of course, you get a program that’s specific for what you most love to photograph, aka your photography heaven.

In addition, I can arrange sessions on photography for your blog, brand or business so you and your business will stand out with the excellent and original photos your brand deserves.

Who is it for?

Photography mentoring sessions are perfect for you if you want to speed up your progress in your photography journey. The sessions are tailormade for you and we’ll focus on what you need right now.

Photography mentoring sessions are especially suited for you if you have taken a photography course before and things just don’t seem to come together. In theory you know quite a bit but the moment you pick up your camera it’s all gone.

I teach photography different from most courses or photography teachers. It’s different because its a method of learning photography that interleaves the 5 domains that are at work in a photo from the beginning so they become second nature to you.

This framework gives you a clear path to become a better photographer. Because having a framework, a system you can rely on when you’re out shooting makes all the difference in the world. And you can leave the frustrating guess work and hope for the best behind you once and for all.

Which camera do I need?

A DSLR or Mirrorless camera with the possibility to shoot in manual mode. 


Hi, I'm Karin!

I’m a professional photographer and photography mentor. 


I was born with an insatiable curiosity for the lives of people outside my familiar circle and cultures foreign to me. This led to a love for travel and ultimately to a move to Lisbon where I’ve lived for the past couple of years.

I’m a mom to a wonderful 29-year-old daughter who has been photographed with a passion all her life. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in photography and was educated in the analog era which means I’ve been a photographer for over 30 years by now.


And although I’ve done a lot of different things in photography I’m at my best when I’m photographing the unscripted life as it unfolds in front of my lens in all its beauty and chaos. 

Since I graduated from my art school in the Netherlands I’ve worked with magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, and families.

I also volunteered as a photographer for several charity causes.

My personal projects have been shown in numerous exhibitions and I received several grants. 


A few years ago I founded Photography Playground out of a desire to be a voice of meaningful, expressive, and creative photography in a field that’s very focused on selling you more gear, tricks, and quick fixes as the solution to making captivating photographs. 

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you to photograph their world as it feels like through blog posts, ebooks, online courses, 1 on 1 mentoring, webinars, and workshops.

Christine Philips was my photography student during the first carefree months of 2020.

She was kind enough to take the time to share her journey in learning photography with you. The process of going from a complete beginner to a skilled, creative, and confident shooter. I love her self-portraits and I’m especially blown away by the ones she made during her 2-week quarantine in Australia.

The recording is not the best quality. She was in Australia and I was in Portugal. But it’s definitely worth your time to hear her talk about the process of learning photography. Seeing the tremendous progress she made in just a few months is truly inspiring to anyone who wants to learn photography.

This is How it Works.

Photography Mentoring

To see if we are a fit for one-on-one mentoring sessions we’ll have a 15 minute FREE explore call on Zoom.

During this call, we’ll discuss what you would like to get out of our photography mentoring sessions. We’ll talk about the areas in photography you need help the most, specific challenges, and what you want to achieve in your photography practice.

We will also discuss the different packages I can offer you so you have a clear vision of your options and how to proceed.

Assignments & Reviews

No matter what package you choose photo assignments and reviews will always play a big role in our photography mentoring sessions.

At the beginning of every session we will dive deep into the photos you made for the assignments. We will address technical aspects but the emphasis will be more on how you used your camera to tell a story.

The goal of our mentoring sessions is for you to become an intentional photographer who possesses the tools to express herself. Getting feedback on your photos and being challenged to think more in-depth about what you did and why is the best way to become an intentional photographer.

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