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Group programs are great but they do cater to everybody and don’t meet you where you are in your photography journey.

They can be overwhelming because they teach not enough of what you need and too much of what you don’t need.

It’s so frustrating to feel your progression is stagnant because you can’t find the right course to help you further.

Not being able to find the right group program is totally understandable. Not everybody fits into the same mold.

Tailor-Made Program

I design a photography development plan specifically for you. My five-step process makes it easy to spot and fill in the gaps.

Motivation & Accountability

I am with you every step of the way to cheer you on. The assignments and reflection sheets motivate you and keep you accountable.

Accelerated Growth

Through focused instruction and personalized feedback, you grow exponentially and you unleash your inner photographer quickly.

Hi, I’m Karin!

Your Photography Mentor

You’re done with copying so-called recipes for successful photos. But I know how hard it is to find a program that encourages you to think independently. 

That’s why my one-to-one mentoring sessions are all about you and your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You can ask me anything. I am an open book and love to share my 25+ years of experience with you. I don’t hold back and will generously give you the answers you seek.

Of course, a group program is valuable as well. But if you’re looking for personalized guidance, accountability, motivation, and flexibility, a personal photography program will accelerate your progress.

I’d love to be your shutter sister in your photography journey wherever you are right now and I will guide you to where you see yourself in the future.

presence & generosity

“I am very grateful to have found Karin and to have made the decision to undertake her mentoring classes. She developed a program tailored specifically for me according to the skills that I needed to develop and also the direction that I want to take my photography. She has helped me to find my ‘why’, which makes my approach to taking photos so much more intentional. Her five domain framework is a fantastic tool for guiding your photography. Karin has many years of experience in the field of photography and she generously shared her knowledge and skills. Thank you Karin for your presence, generosity, and patience. I am excited to see where this photographic journey takes me!”

-Melissa Rawlinson

Very Powerful

photography mentoring Self Portrait Linora Cloter

“I felt it was creative and with possibilities to discover different ways of photographing. It concentrated on something very important that sometimes other photography teachers forget to mention and talk about which is actually the most important part of doing photography – our body. Being aware of our positions, using our body parts, and placing ourselves in the weirdest positions ever. It frees a photographer’s body which means it will free your way of making photographs as well! It was very powerful! I personally never had a teacher talking about it the way you did.”

-Linora Cloter

we start where you are, right now


You’re new to photography so the best thing you can do right now is to become best friends with your camera. Alongside the technical basics, we’ll cover the less tangible aspects of photography so you develop a strong foundation. We’ll dive into light, composition, and basic editing.


You have some experience in photography and you’re sort of getting along with your camera. But you feel your progression is stalling and you’d like to become more confident, creative, and intentional in your photography. You’re looking for a mentor who can spot and fill in the gaps.


You’re so passionate about photography you’d like to take it to the next level. You’re looking for specific guidance to take that next step and learn how to consistently create authentic storytelling images. You’d welcome honest, friendly, and constructive feedback on your images.

Immediate results

photography mentoring Photo: Self Portrait Christine Philips

“Photography mentoring with Karin was one of the best investments I have made in both myself and my photography. Her unique approach produced almost immediate results. The ability to have focused instruction and feedback was fantastic and the improvement in my photography has been noted by family and friends alike. I would highly recommend Karin as a warm, talented, and effective instructor.”

-Christine Philips

Playful Approach

photography mentoring

“The lessons Karin gave to me were very pleasant. She taught me how the camera works and showed me there isn’t just one right way of using it. She has a lot of beautiful examples to inspire you. She has a playful approach and a warm personality. And you learn how to put your own perspective into the image. I would recommend her as a teacher to everyone that’s willing to really know what photos are about.”

-Fleur Driessen

Apply Now…this is how it works!

1. Apply

Start by filling in the application form so I have an understanding of what you need help with.

2. schedule

I’ll contact you to schedule a FREE 30 minutes exploration session on Zoom at a date and time that’s convenient for you.

3. grow

After the exploration session, you’ll receive a development plan and we decide if we wanna work together.