People Photographer

Karin is a passionate world and people photographer, a photography mentor, and a writer.

Since her graduation as a photographer, she’s been telling stories of the human condition. She’s dedicated to documenting beauty and chaos as the unscripted life unfolds in front of her lens.

Karin has worked with (online) magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, and families. She volunteered as a photographer for several charity causes.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and she received several grants. She was the initiator and curator of a large pop-up gallery in the center of The Hague, The Netherlands. She was the president of the foundation behind the gallery.

Vision and Skill

She believes the world needs more authentic and open-hearted photographers who fearlessly express their souls through their lenses.

That’s why she’s sharing her vision, skill, and experience in her blog, photography courses, and one-on-one mentoring. She’s developed a holistic framework for learning photography that quickly results in making compelling photographs. 

Karin has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Photography from ArtEZ, University of the Arts in the Netherlands.

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