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Life as it Unfolds

I am Karin van Mierlo, and photography is at the core of my being. Since graduating as a photographer, I have dedicated myself to capturing the stories of humans all over the world. Behind my lens, I strive to document the raw beauty and chaos of life as it unfolds, unscripted and mesmerizing.

Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of individuals and organizations. Whether it’s working with online magazines, artists, companies, entrepreneurs, or families, I bring my passion for storytelling to every project. Additionally, I have happily volunteered my skills as a photographer for several charitable causes, using my photographs to make a positive impact in the world. My work has been showcased in countless exhibitions, and I have been honored with several grants for my work. 

My educational journey includes a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Photography from ArtEZ, University of the Arts in the Netherlands. It is through this formal education and my years of practical experience that I have honed my skills and cultivated a unique perspective that shines through in every photograph I make.

Photography Playground

Motivated by my deep-rooted desire to share my vision, expertise, and experiences, I founded Photography Playground.

At Photography Playground, I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of photography. I am dedicated to teaching beginning photographers the technical skills necessary to master their cameras and empower them to slow down, embrace the moment, and capture the beauty of the world around them.

I have developed a unique 5-step process that accelerates their learning so my students stay motivated and start creating compelling photographs almost from day one.

webinars & workshops

Editorial Photography Lecture for Ranchopix

Photography program for people with spinal injuries.

Capturing Life With Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography Webinar for SheClicks.

How To Use The Power Of Mindful Photography In Your Daily Life

Mindful Photography Workshop for Wellness Week 2021 by Diana Olynick.

How to tap into the mindful nature of photography

HobbyScool Podcast, 2022.

My Five-Step Process To Fall In Love With Your Photos

Webinar for HobbyScool Summit, Creativity Edition 2022.

Mobile Phone Photography

Live Mobile Phone Photography Workshop for Bloggers Round Table by Lisbon Digital Nomads.

Creative Photography Workshop

Live Photography Workshop for Borderless Retreats.


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