Travel Photography Courses

The Meaningful Photography of People and Places

Vision & Mision

What to Expect from the Courses

Your Photography Journey

Photography Playground helps you to get a grip on the photography nuts and bolts.

Because knowing, understanding and loving your camera (any camera) is the first step in becoming a better photographer.

But the mission does not stop there.

In fact, that’s just the beginning of the journey because it’s not about the camera. It’s about your vision!

Making Connections

In all of the courses, you’ll find a strong focus on developing your own view of the world, your expression, and the creative process.

Travel Photography is about making connections with the people and the places you travel to.

Strong photos emerge from the connections you create and the unique way you express yourself with your camera.

Smartphone Photography

The Essential Step-by-Step Program for Adventurous Travelers that Unlocks the Hidden Powers of Your Smartphone Camera AND Your Creativity!

iPhone Photography

iPhone photography course

Become a Creative and Confident iPhone Photographer without the Technical Jargon Overwhelm and ‘Must-Have’ Apps Overload in Less Than 2 Hours!