A Mindful Photography Course

See Fresh

A six-week creative photography program that uses the power of the mindful nature of photography to transform the familiar into vibrant aliveness so you start to see fresh, embrace what is, and deepen your connection with the world.

open to all levels

join with any camera

supportive community

do you feel your life is filled with too many I have to’s and not enough I want to’s?

You love your life but it’s mainly filled with ALL the things you have to do.

Somehow there’s never enough time to do the things that bring you joy, like photography.

And even if you do pick up your camera, you feel uninspired by your familiar surroundings.

Feel Inspired

Get the inspiration, encouragement, and tools to transform the familiar into mindful and creative photos. Discover your life is filled with beauty.

Connect to the Now

This is where photography and mindfulness so happily coincide. Connecting to the now is what fuels your photography with joy.

Create Space

Feel supported to actively create space for all the big and small wonders in your life so you can experience their empowering presence.

Hi, I’m Karin!

Your Photography Mentor

I feel you when you realize you don’t even remember the last time you picked up your camera and enjoyed yourself freely.

So often in the society of today, we’re bombarded with input from the outside world. It makes it difficult to connect to the things that make us feel vibrantly alive.

What I love so dearly about photography is how it wants you to be fully present in the moment. This powerful nature of photography has helped me to navigate through challenging times in my life. Because seeing the world through fresh eyes is an empowering and healing experience.

I want to invite you to go on a creative and mindful photography journey with me so you can see your world with fresh eyes.


“I enjoy the fact that you touch on mindfulness with photography to help us through these difficult times. It is why I chose you. I especially enjoyed the light lesson as it made me think about how light can change the way we view our surroundings and the outcome of the image.”


“Your approach to photography inspires me and is wonderful to experience. In contrast to all those websites and books about technology and gear, your approach opens a completely different door for me. Instead of reasoning, it triggers my imagination.”

– Roeland

“All of the lessons got me to think, ask questions and consider the shot. I also really enjoyed your feedback on the shots.”


“I appreciate how you express your photography philosophy and your love of your craft, how you incorporate it into your daily life. Your approach is inspiring and appreciated.”

– Michael

Open to all levels

Whether you’re a new photographer or a seasoned one, you’ll find the mindful inspiration to see your familiar world turn into endless photo opportunities.

join with any camera

It doesn’t matter which camera you have or prefer to photograph with. Especially in mindful photography the best camera is always the one you have with you.

supportive community

You’re not alone! See Fresh is all about community. You’ll feel supported by a community of passionate students and creative photographers.

See Fresh

Six Weekly Inspiring Themes

collecting color

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, weathered wall in Tavira, Portugal

Colors are awesome and can have a tremendous impact on a photo! They also influence our mood and emotions. That’s why our first theme in See Fresh is color and we all go on a color treasure hunt together. 

shaping light

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, light speck on a bed, Crete, Greece

When it comes to light there’s no way around it in photography. Without it, there is no photo. This week you open your eyes to all sorts of light because the beauty of light is that it’s always changing.

finding stillness

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, grass, Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal

In our third week together, we explore stillness, still life photography, and composition. You gain insights into why composition is so important. And how to infuse your photography with stillness.

seeking adventure

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, Well, Sintra, Portugal

A week full of comfort zones and how to step out of them, creative mysteries and how to unveil them, and finally inner critics and how to shush them. Oh, and of course we also go on a couple of photography adventures.

telling stories

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, Girl in a church, Italy

As humans, we are wired for story. This week you receive the tools to tell intentional and eye-catching visual stories. Because photographing and sharing your stories connects you to your life and the world around you.

expressing gratitude

mindful photography course | ©Photo Karin van Mierlo at Photography Playground, Girls hugging a tree, Sintra, Portugal

You may not be aware of it but photography and gratitude are intimately intertwined. Trust me, during our last week together you discover how well they go together by photographing and thus focussing on the good stuff.

See Fresh

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

You can start your mindful photography journey today!

The first module is immediately available to you. You’ll also get access to your first bonus, How to Use the Power of Mindful Photography in Your Daily Life. 

Then, every week a new module is released so you don’t get overwhelmed and can take the time to digest the lessons and work on the photo prompts.

Every time a new module becomes available, you’ll be notified by email so you don’t miss anything.

What do I need to take the course?

It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have. You can join us with a smartphone, a DSLR, a mirrorless, or a point and shoot. Because to See Fresh the kind of camera you’re shooting with makes no difference.

What you do need is the desire to See Fresh and an eagerness to become a more mindful and creative photographer. You’ll need to bring your curiosity, a willingness to experiment, and the wish to discover a new creative side of yourself.

Since the course is fully digital you also need a computer and an internet connection.

The See Fresh community is on the course platform and you’ll get an invitation to join the community when you enroll in the course. (So, no need for a Facebook Account 😉

Will I get feedback on my photos?

Yes, if you post your photos in the See Fresh community you can ask for my feedback.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Podia, the course platform accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

I have a coupon code, how can I validate it?

When you click the Get Access button at the bottom of the page, you’ll be redirected to Podia, the course platform.

First, you need to select a one-time payment or 2 installments. Then click on continue, enter your email address, and accept the Terms of Service.

The next window is all about your payment information and this is the place where enter your coupon code 🙂

Is the community on Facebook?

No, the community is built into the course platform so we don’t need to use Facebook.

That’s why it’s a 100% private community. It really is just us! 🙂

What level do I need to take the course?

The course is for all levels, from beginning to more experienced photographers.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll in See Fresh you have lifetime access to the course and all its resources. 

You also get lifetime access to the See Fresh community of wonder seekers to keep you inspired and motivated.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, you can easily pay for the course in 2 installments of 40 euros.

When you click the Get Access button at the bottom of this page, you’ll be redirected to Podia, the course platform.

There you can choose between one-time payment or 2 installments.

I don't have euros. Can I pay in my own currency?

Yes, you certainly can!

Your payment processor (Paypal or credit card) will magically convert euros to your own currency whether that’s US dollars, Australian dollars, British pounds, or any other currency.

That’s the beauty of modern technology. It allows people from all over the globe to join See Fresh and become wonder seekers.

See Fresh

What’s Included in the Course

6 Video Lessons

In each module, you find a video exploring the theme. To get inspiration from different sources the second part of each module provides you with resources to explore. 

€ 75

Audio Files

All the videos, including the bonus video, have an audio file so you can listen to the content wherever you want.

€ 20

30+ Photo Prompts

Each module comes with photography prompts to explore the theme yourself. There’s enough variety for you to choose the prompts that speak to you. 

€ 25

Bonus: Private Community

Find inspiration and support from your fellow See Freshers who love to share their photography journey in the 100% Private See Fresh Community.

€ 50

Bonus: See Fresh Posters

The See Fresh Poster in 4 different colors, a visual reminder to Play, Be in the Moment, and See Fresh every single day!

€ 10

Bonus: Creative Spark Files

This set of PDFs will give you inspiration and encouragement long after the course is finished. It’s a treasure chest of creative photography ideas and projects.

€ 25

Bonus: Exclusive Mindful Photography Talk

How to Use the Power of Mindful Photography in Your Daily Life. As a bonus, you get access to an exclusive mindful photography talk I gave at the Online Wellness Week Event by M4 Magazine.

€ 45

Total Value

Your Investment



Total Value ~ €250

Your Investment ~ €75

  1. Click the button below to unlock the power of mindful photography.

2. Infuse yourself with new skills, insights, and inspiration.

3. Feel refreshed and enjoy being back in your photography flow.