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Becoming a happy photographer doesn’t happen overnight.
It all starts with picking up your camera with confidence.

But I’m guessing you’re stuck in automatic mode and your camera is a complete mystery to you.

Learning manual mode by yourself is overwhelming, frustrating, and time-consuming.

You don’t want to miss the moments that matter while you’re fumbling with your settings.

And you shouldn’t have to take that risk.


Understand Your Camera

Finally, get to know your camera and become best friends. No more guesswork, occasional lucky shots, and ‘almost’ photos.

Feel Confident

Have the confidence to tackle any situation that life throws at you. You know exactly what to do to capture its beauty and essence.

Take Creative Control

When your camera is no longer a mystery, you get to create photos that are truly yours. Now you can unleash your inner photographer.

Treasure Your Moments

You can rest assured that the important moments of your life are captured in a beautiful and meaningful way. You share them proudly.

Hi, I’m Karin!

Your Photography Mentor

I feel your frustration when you’ve missed the moment again. And in a world focused on quick fixes, tricks, and gimmicks, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest camera to improve your photos.

But making meaningful photos has nothing to do with your camera. It has everything to do with YOU – the person behind the camera.

That’s why I am a voice for intentional, meaningful, and slow photography. And I want to help you to make beautiful and meaningful photos by opening the door to your inner, slow photographer. 

So you are fully present in the world with a camera in your hands, enjoy the process of making your photos, and consistently fall in love with the end result. Because your photos deserve to be seen by everyone.

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“I am very grateful to have found Karin. Karin has many years of experience in the field of photography and she generously shared her knowledge and skills. Thank you Karin for your presence, generosity, and patience. I am excited to see where this photographic journey takes me!”

Melissa Rawlinson

“Her unique approach produced almost immediate results. The ability to have focused instruction and feedback was fantastic and the improvement in my photography has been noted by family and friends alike. I would highly recommend Karin as a warm, talented, and effective instructor.”
Christine Philips

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Getting Out of Auto Mode

If you are like most people who invested in a fancy DSLR or mirrorless camera you’re shooting in auto mode most of the time. Because your camera is a mystery to you and you don’t want to risk missing moments that matter.

And I understand, getting out of auto mode is frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming, not to mention the time you’re wasting away scouring the internet for answers you never really manage to find.

You might even feel the urge to give up and throw your camera in the rubbish bin. 

Easy, Playful, and Jargon-Free!

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way! Don’t give up on your photography dream. The online photography courses and mentoring sessions at Photography Playground will help you to master your camera and gain creative confidence.

As a result, you’re in love with your photos and want to treasure them forever. You’re so proud of them you can’t wait to share them with the world.

And on top of that, learning how to create the photos you dream of at Photography Playground is easy, playful, and jargon-free.