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I’m Karin.

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Dedicated to teaching you how to capture your wonderful world in expressive photography using ANY camera.

Because honestly…..? It’s not about the camera.

It’s about your vision!

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"Karin has a playful approach and a warm personality that gives you all the space you need to get to know your own camera. And you learn how to put your own perspective into the image. I would recommend her as a teacher to everyone that's willing to really know what photos are about."

– Fleur

“You have exceeded my expectations, thank you. I feel way more confident and ready to experiment with my smartphone now, this was very, very long overdue. Bravo on a job well done, I feel inspired and ready to go out and photograph everything I have ignored for such a long time.”

– Herman

"Karin is a great and professional photographer. Highly recommendable!"

– Iris

" I liked your examples, and I loved the sense of passion for your chosen job, which was tangible through your spoken comments, choices and text. All modules were good, well paced, short yet sufficient and enlightening."

– Claudia


How to Create the Best Black and White Photos

What is it about Black and White Photography that makes it sort of indestructible? It is as old as photography and although photography has been through many changes and developments Black and White Photography is still here. And it will never go away. By taking away color somehow the underlying qualities emerge. It stirs a feeling of timelessness and emphasizes the things we share over time and place.

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You Think The Best Spot Is Behind Your Camera?

Photography Quotes to Inspire and Delight, a monthly series on the Photography Playground. This months photography quote is by Alfred Eisenstaedt. “It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.” Because when the person in front and the person behind the camera are equally connected and at ease, you create the magic together.

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How to Take Beautiful Candid Pics of Your Travel Gang

We all know how to make a selfie or to pose in front of a landmark. Smile when told to and jump when prompted. And it’s great to have those posed pics from the one and only time you did that awesome hike with your newly found friends. Nothing wrong with that. But having authentic shots from your friends and family while you’re traveling is …….. well I would say even greater.

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“It’s More Important To Click With People Than To Click The Shutter.”

– Alfred Eisenstaedt

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