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8 Best Candid Photography Tips for Beautiful Natural Shots

We all know how to make a selfie or to pose in front of a landmark. Smile when told to and jump when prompted. And it’s great to have those posed pics from the one and only time you did that awesome hike with your newly found friends. Nothing wrong with that. But having authentic shots from your friends and family while you’re traveling is …….. well I would say even greater.

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8 Top Tips for Expressive Portrait Photography in the Outdoor

Outdoor portrait photography brings more of a candid vibe into the process of photographing. But they are not the same. The biggest difference is that with portrait photography outdoor people are aware they’re being photographed. Sometimes that awareness turns into a little roadblock because people don’t feel comfortable being photographed.

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15 Badass Street Photography Ideas To Get You Started

Street photography is unpredictable and spontaneous at its core. You can prepare all you want good things start to happen when the surprise element introduces itself. Being present and ready to receive the unexpected is all we can do in street photography. That is what makes street photography so challenging and exciting! There are a lot of ideas and misconceptions about what is ………

7 Steps To A Powerful Self Portrait & A Confidence Boost

7 Steps To A Powerful Self Portrait & A Confidence Boost

At the tail-end of 2019, some seemingly random events came together for me resulting in a power photo shoot and a breakthrough moment. It all started with an email I received a few months ago. The topic was the number one ‘posing for females’ mistake beginning photographers make. My curiosity was tickled. Are you ready? Apparently, the number one mistake is ……….

7 Key Tips for Photographing Children Documentary Style

7 Key Tips for Photographing Children Documentary Style

The defining element in kids photography in a documentary style is your mindset as the one who is photographing children. Sure a nice camera helps but it’s you that makes it fun for them or not. It’s you who is documenting life as it unfolds. And how you approach that is what makes the difference between lifeless photos and the ones you’ll treasure 20 years from now.