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8 Essential Apps for the Best Travel Photos

For me, photography apps are my friendly little helpers and you can never have enough of those. Whether I’m traveling with my DSLR or I rely on my iPhone for my travel pics travel photography apps will help me to create the best images possible. I’ve put together a list of travel photography apps I’ve come to rely on when I’m traveling to help you do the same.

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Best 10 Tips for Authentic Instagram Photos of Your Travels

Instagram is the perfect way to share your travel adventures with your tribe around the world. The sharing part is not the most difficult aspect of Instagram. It’s the making of Instagrammable pictures that is. Because making inspiring Instagram photos is a little more complicated than just snapping around.

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How to Create the Perfect Black and White Photos in Snapseed

What is it about Black and White Photography that makes it sort of indestructible? It is as old as photography and although photography has been through many changes and developments Black and White Photography is still here. And it will never go away. By taking away color somehow the underlying qualities emerge. It stirs a feeling of timelessness and emphasizes the things we share over time and place.

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone is the Best Camera for Travel

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone is the Best Camera for Travel

As a photographer, I welcomed the opportunities a smartphone camera gave me. I can still remember the first time vividly. It was more than ten years ago so it was a crappy camera of course. The images were pixelated and blurry.  For most of the time, I still photographed with my DSLR. But there was something different about the images I took with my phone.

Snapseed Tutorial: How to Edit WOW Photos on Your Phone

Snapseed Tutorial: How to Edit WOW Photos on Your Phone

Last year I made an amazing journey sailing from Colombia to Portugal on the Nomad Cruise. On the way, we made one stop on Saint Maarten Island in the Caribbean. The island itself is not the most interesting place but I did want to go to the beach where the planes fly over. I’m always trying to take photos of this kind of touristic hotspots a little bit different.