7 Amazing Tips to Capture Commercial Photography

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commercial photography tips

Commercial Photography Tips

The domain of photography is fascinating, and there is always something new to discover. The vital purpose of any picture is to tell a story and set a mood.

But, commercial photography serves an important role; in publicizing products and services in the market. From popular websites to your favorite smartphone, there is almost no boundary to the potential commercial uses of the photos.

You are assuming that commercial and advertising photography is the same. Let me interrupt this thought by making it clear that both of these terms have a subtle difference. The goal of commercial photography is to present the product in better limelight. It’s more about creating an emotional appeal in advertising photography than explaining a brand story.

Now that you have a better understanding of the notion of commercial photography, let us dive into some commercial photography tips for capturing its unique essence.

# 1 Research and Plan of Action

It is vital to research, understand, and have an experience with the project. A lot of preparation and homework is gone before a first camera click.

Before shooting day, it is better to brainstorm the idea, consider a plan of action, and know about the location. Even with the most extensive preparation, you cannot expect to get the perfect shot straight immediately during the session.

Setting up and getting the equipment ready, experimenting with different views, and finding the correct composition takes time. Do not rush the procedure; otherwise, you will almost end up with a disappointing collection of images.

# 2 Take Best Angle Shots

Commercial photographers capture the product from different angles rather than headshots. Angles add drama and attention in any shot.

You can try a bird-eye shot (a shot looking directly down at the subject) to emphasize the smallness of the subject. To create an intriguing perspective, shoot from low and glance up at a subject with a bug’s-eye view shot.

You can take a high shot to get background elements in the image or a low shot to make the product appear large. Depending upon the product you can try profile angle, macro angle, or 45-degree angle to enhance the product details.

commercial photography tips

#3 Use Recommended Gear

The camera you use will not transform your images into beautiful ones, but it is significant to invest in specific photographic equipment. A tripod, camera, and lenses are necessary equipment for commercial photography. In terms of camera, it does not matter, if you are capturing using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Both will do a great job. But, in lenses, you can choose from a fixed lens or zoom lens, or both.

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#4 Keep Lightning Factor in Mind

By mastering the art of lightning technique you can produce exceptional work. The first stage is to learn about the basics of exposure including shutter speed, ISO, and Aperture.

It is recommended to use natural light. But, if you need an illumination then place the light strategically. On one corner, one light should be 45 degrees behind the product, and on the opposite corner, the second light should be 45 degrees in front of it. Make sure the lights are high and aimed downwards at the subject. The product shadows will be shorter as a result of this.

Make sure the backlight is slightly brighter than the front light which can help to create a separation of subject and background.

#5 Composition Rules

The chief aim of commercial photography is to gather the attention of the viewers, whether they are looking at the catalog or billboard.

You can use the rule of thirds, which is balanced in nature and looks elegant in the frame.

Based on the LCD camera you have, there may be a setting that allows you to divide your screen into the nine-square grid that the rule of thirds is designed on.

Check out 4 Essential Principles of Composition in Photography for more composition inspiration.

#6 Discover your Style

No rulebook suggests using every rule and suggestion in the photograph to make it look amazing. Yet, before you go breaking them all, understand how to use them so you will know when to use them.

Getting ideas from experienced photographers can help you see all the many ways in a camera; still, do not compare your work to theirs until you have been in the photography industry for a long time.

#7 Enhance the photo in Editing Software

No matter how fantastic your shots were, you can always improve them in post-production. It is better to learn editing software to enhance your pictures without blemishes. You can crop the image to get closer to your objects. Do not meddle with the exposure, unless you know what you are doing.

Check out our Lightroom tutorials: Library Module in Lightroom, How to Edit Photos in Lightroom, How To Watermark Photos in Lightroom.

Final Remarks

You can become a professional commercial photographer by mastering the basics very well to create your unique style. This type of photography is always in demand among companies to market their products. With practice and creativity, you can polish your photography skills.

Who knows, maybe one day, you can work with reputed photography agencies and reps.

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